Kendall Stauffer

Classic rock and blues Done right!

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Kendall and Friends offer a variety of Great Music of the 60’s and 70’s. Totally impressed with the range and enthusiasm of Kendall. You and your guests are sure to have a goodtime wherever they play.

Captain Rick Fryan, GOODTIME III

Kendall and friends is one seriously Entertaining and Kick-Ass band!! Go hear them, you wont be disappointed!!

Denny Crews, Omegasea CEO and performer

When I’m looking for good local live music, a place to relax while spending time with family and friends, Kendal and Friends at The Fish Bar is my go-to stop. It’s always fun and uplifting.

Jay K. Brindo – Bluestone Union.

The power and magic of music is channeled through this band of bright, witty, engaging & talented foursome, led by lead guitar / lead singer, Ken Stauffer. They produce an infectious vibe that makes it difficult for members of the audience to sit still, as their sets include the greatest tunes from the golden era of rock n’roll, originals, television theme tunes (after I see them, I can’t get ‘Secret Agent Man’ out of my head for days!!), gritty Chicago Blues, and a collection of the best dance music, regardless of decade. There is no better tonic for the soul than dancing to and singing along with this band, as they are totally grooved to the audience and have mastered creating a fun environment.– 

Brooks Jones II Admirer & Harpsman

My favorite local band! Everyone should come out and watch this talented band, usually playing at the Local Fish Bar Tavern but they also play other venues. Kendall and Friends are definitely worth the time to see.

Carleen Drozda